COU COU IS an artist-led, non profit curatorial project space near to Oxford UK.


COU COU CURATES performance and participatory art and works with artists and partner organizations to do so.


COU COU shows visual arts in innovative ways in non art spaces to reach new audiences in pop up COU COU events


COU COU FACILITATES residencies and collaborative projects with emerging and mid career artists in the UK and internationally.


COU COU INVITES artists to make work and to exhibit, screen or perform new work in the COU COU project space and in the local community.


COU COU ENCOURAGES experimentation and dialogue between artists, curators and other practitioners and offers the studio as a shared critical context.


COU COU SUPPORTS artists by offering mentoring and opportunities for professional development as well as by promoting their work to new audiences through exhibition and publications.


COU COU SHARES it’s activities with an art going audience and in the wider community through talks, events and projects with the community.

COU COU Curator is Clare Carswell MA(RCA)


COU COU - formerly AYYO -  established in 2010 is based at Overlay Studio.

AYYO Contemporary was the identity of this curation project from 2012 until 2018.


We changed our name to COU COU in 2018 as the way we work changes and most of the projects we now curate are in partnership with other artists and arts organisations in other places, as well as in our project space.


Our curatorial presence is as a creative cuckoo inhabiting another nest for a short time before moving on to work elsewhere. COU COU refers to the call of the cuckoo bird, which is recognized everywhere and we feel reflects our aim to use the universal language of creativity to communicate with people far and wide.