We love our COU COUS !  They are fun to curate and to present to new and non art audiences.  They enable us to insert contemporary visual art programmes into events of different types and to introduce the work of artists from all over the world on screen, projected, computer, phone or tablet to new audiences in an informal way.


We are excited to announce that the next COU COU will be COU COU WEDDING as project curator Clare Carswell is marrying Peter Northen on 8th October in the Cotswolds and is inviting artist colleagues to celebrate with them by making a still or moving image to be screened at their wedding. Images to follow !


We are in the planning stages of COU COU ANDALUCIA and are working with the Fundación Sierra de Libar,

the organisers of the Pueblos Blancos Music Festival to present an exciting COU COU stills and video programme to be viewed via app on smartphones and tablets by the audience attending the festival.


The first such event, COU COU GASCONY, took place in the garden of a French chateau in Miradoux in Gascony in May 2017. Curator Clare Carswell was participant on a week long writing course with the organisation

A Chapter Away, hosted by the energetic and inspirational writer Karen Pegg. Clare invited the assembled writers and tutors to help her to blow up illuminated balloons and to take them into the dark of the garden and view on a small screen the slideshow of images sent to her by artists from several countries in the preceding few days in response to an open call she put out on social media. The screen was flanked by the lit balloons tethered to the grass and viewers could watch the presentation as they enjoyed a nightcap on the balmy night. There were questions about the artists and their intriguing images and interest in the impromptu and pop up style of the event. Artists : Alex Buhagier UK, Anna Louise Cox UK, Cally Trench UK, Jo Thomas UK, Juliet Bankes UK, Katy Beinart UK, Madi Acharya-Baskerville UK, Mark Bigelow UK, Martin Beek UK, Philip Lee UK, Piers Kriegs Germany, Sarah Mayhew-Craddock UK, Sharon Reeves, Stu Allsopp, Veronica Cordova de la Rosa Mexico & UK.  


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