We are pleased to announce that our first ART PITCH artist in residence for 2018 is Canadian German artist NATHALIA BELL.


Nathalia is an artist filmmaker and writer who creates poetic-essay films with existential and spiritual themes. Believing originality derives from origins, she draws from a wide frame of references in history, literature, philosophy and film history in order to create dialectical kaleidoscopic visions. Her current interest revolves around ancient ways of seeing, especially concerning human’s relationship with nature as embodied in

Anglo-Saxon Riddles.


During her residency, she is interested in researching how ancient cultures constructed physical features, such as megaliths: the local King's Men/the Rollrights, as external manifestations of inner spiritual realities and as geographical maps to the abstract, namely to the stars and celestial objects.


We look forward to welcoming Nathalia to the studio in August.


Image : Vindauga