An exhibition of recent works by illustrator Luke Daniels included drawings, prints, books and designs for video gaming. It demonstrated the work processes of the artist and how he develops his ideas from gestural drawings to refined digital illustrations. Luke's subjects include reworkings of legends of the super hero and mythology as well as responses to the natural world, local folklore and landscape.

COU COU, formerly AYYO, curates exhibitions & events at the studio to showcase the work of

ART PITCH residency artists.


The project space offers the opportunity to show and review new work in a relaxed and experimental way.


Artists are encouraged to hold associated events such as open studio events for the local community.


The curator works closely with artists and supports them with contextualising and presentation.


Offsite events can happen in partnership with other curators and organisations in the region.


SHIFT the exhibition, showed works by artist CENDRINE COLIN during her residency in July 2102. Cendrine, a Swedish-French artist living and working in Switzerland, was the first invited artist to the AYYO residency programme ART PITCH.


Photographer and city garden activist MARTIN STOTT's exhibition at AYYO, ‘Gardens Of Liberation’ selected photographic works from his ongoing project on worldwide urban agriculture. The inspiring pictures showed gardens and those who struggled to make them in confined and challenging urban spaces. They spanned a period of twenty years and included pictures from Cuba, the USA and the UK.

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The culmination of Flannery's two week residency,  the SKETCH installation introduced Flannery's new composition made with sensors reacting to the colour of meadow flowers she had collected suspended in ice.



In June 2017  AYYO curated FESTAL FAVOURS, a programme of performance art, sound installation & experimental printmaking for the Charlbury Arts Festival.


The programme introduced the work of emerging artists as well as showcasing the work of major names. All made new works for Charlbury that met with the history and people of the town.


Participating artists were Isabel Wilkinson, Holly Slingsby, Aaron Williamson, Philip Lee, Brian Catling, Cally Trench, Jo Thomas, Veronica Cordova de la Rosa, Jack Catling, Rhiannon Evans, Clare Carswell, Neil C Smith & William H Harvey.


Info on all artists and events at


DIG performance art event was co-curated with emerging artist and curator SAM HALL and took

place in Wallingford Oxfordshire on

Sat 19th & Sun 20th May 2018.


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The SHIFT exhibition closing event, ART NATURE PEACE, invited the local community to an event that included a led nature walk by a Cotswold Warden across the fields to the neolithic Thor Stone, a Viking Yoga class, Singing for Peace in the woods, a winter barbeque and live music.

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An Open Studio event at the end of

Eleanor Minney's residency gave visitors

the opportunity to chat with her about

her time at the studio and to view her

recent works.

We worked with artist and curator SAM HALL to curate a week-end long performance art event in Wallingford Oxfordshire in May 2017. Artists camped in an urban garden aand made performance and installation art in response to it. The event was open to the public and was part of the Last Garden of Mystery and Suspense presented by artist Janey Carline as Everyone's An Artist. Participant artists :

Rebekah Dean, Seher Kiran, Bella Lordwarf, Julia Mallaby, Claire Frampton, Sam Hall, Clare Carswell,

Emma Stevens, Katy Ullyart, Ann Rapstoff.